Custom Club Fitting in our Professional Studio

The only thing between your hands and the golf ball is the equipment you are holding. Trust our experts. Get the best.
How is the club fitting experience different at Golf Tech?

Golf Tech provides the most precise, unbiased fitting experience available. Our fitters are all certified fitting professionals. We use advanced launch monitor technology to measure your launch conditions. While most other fitters stop there, we cross reference your data with a database of head and shaft combinations to identify the ideal club combination to optimize your swing and scoring potential.

Can you fit me for every club in the bag?

Yes, we can! We can even fit you for your putter, which accounts for 40% of your strokes, but is often the most overlooked club in the bag!

Do you use indoor or outdoor facilities for my fitting?

Our fitting studios are indoors. We believe that the most effective way to fit golf clubs is to take away the elements of weather and the indoor environment is the best way to do that. Outdoor conditions we find have inconsistencies with the lies in grass and range balls.

We want to find the clubs that work best with all elements being eliminated, so you can take those clubs to the course and adjust accordingly.

How long does it take for my fitting?

Every individual is different, but our philosophy is 45 minutes per session. We want to eliminate the element of fatigue as we do the elements of weather. We recommend separate fitting sessions for different parts of your bag. Now, you may be at the shop for more time as we discuss options, but plan on roughly 45 minutes of “swing time”.

Does Golf Tech do club repair?

Absolutely! In order to be a successful club fitter you must be a master club repair and designer. Machines can only tell you so much about your game. At Golf Tech, we take each player as an individual and personal interest.

Why do I need custom equipment?

We often get asked if it is really necessary to get fit for average or beginning golfers. Our answer is “yes”.

The only thing between your hands and the golf ball is the equipment you are holding. If the equipment is improperly fit, a good swing will produce a negative result. If you want to improve your game, improve the equipment you use that fits you perfectly!

Will switching to new clubs drastically affect my game?

Usually just for the better. Rarely do we see much of an adjustment period with new equipment, especially if it is fitted to the golfer. Most people immediately hit the ball better and putt better, but it depends on how much of a change it is from their prior clubs. We generally suggest allowing 2-3 weeks to get used to the new yardages and feel.

The head is not always the problem. Sometimes a shaft change can turn around bad results to good results.

Also, the best time to get fit is when you are hitting it well. In the end of the fitting process you get to decide what you want to do with your equipment.


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